Who We Are

Fidelis Green, Inc is a High Voltage Substation Electrical Contractor serving the utility industry throughout California. We are a turnkey solution for both high voltage electrical and civil electrical work.






WBE Certified Diversity Contractor

How We Work

We are a full service solution utilizing skilled union (IBEW) labor.

We are members of ISNetworld® and are Gold Shovel Certified.

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1 Scoping

2 Purchasing/Leasing

3 Construction

4 Handoff

Philanthropic Efforts

We want to give back to the community. Check out multiple ways we are able to get involved with local companies and non-profits to help better our communities for tomorrow!


Critter Creek

A wildlife rehabilitation facility that helps orphaned and injured animals regain their livelihood in the wild.  With services spanning the Tulare, Kings, Fresno and parts of Madera and Kern counties, they respond to calls dispatched 24 hours a day 7 days a week to provide transport to the vet or facility for care.  Additionally, they provide sanctuary for permanently imprinted native and non-native wildlife to live out their life while protecting the public from harm.  Whenever possible, they educate the public about wildlife law and the consequences to unlawful holdings of wild animals.

Our supports helps Critter Creek:

  • Feed
  • Transport
  • Provide medical care for native injured/orphaned wildlife.

Contact Us

3706 W. Holland
Fresno, CA 93722

CPUC Clearinghouse Certified VON 15050054
California Contractors Licens C-10 and B
License Number #1019350